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Rotation is an everyday magic. It is an effect which can transform boring web page to a much more interactive place. Since rotation was added to CSS specification it have been deprived of attention. However a lot of cases need to rotate elements with mouse or touch. They are: roulettes, circular menus and other fancy things we still can not imagine at the moment. Propeller.js is a JavaScript library which easily enables rotation of elements with mouse or touch gestures.

Rotate elements by mouse or touch

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Good day colleagues! One more good day which will ends quickly become past and will present one more step forward for us. How will front end development we are all passionate of look like tomorrow?

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I`ve spent a lot of evenings to prepare new playable installation. This time it is developed with WebGL (three.js by Mr.Doob)

Also i`ve developed gamepad Android application to control this installation.

As Android application starts it launches WebSocket server.

JavaScript application connects to it and listens for simple commands: up, down, left, right.

You can find video of result further.

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Some time ago I worked for conservative client who wants Android and iPhone versions of application look identical. Ofcourse one of main problems became development of iPhone-like TabBar widget in Android.

TabBarNavigator does not fit because of difference in position and visual appearence. So i`ve started to search the way to solve the problem.

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PNG (Portable Network Graphics ) is most popular format for static graphics. Large part of interactive online projects send to user tens of megabytes in this format. And it`s hard to understand global amount of PNG traffic. Also it`s hard to understand how much of it would be not needed if right optimization of PNG images would be done. Your static content servers are overloaded? Users report about slow loading? This post would help…

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