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Frustrating videoinstallation named Post Mortem (After the death)

vvvv.org presented interesting and frustratng interactive installation by german media artist Jannis Kilian Kreft.

Installation called POST MORTEM looks like stone table with LCD projector pointed to its top. Every part of body that would be placed at the table would be presented as it is body part after your death. Time of death and corresponding look can be tuned.

It`s fine technology demonstration that shows good possibilities of vvvv in field of shapes detection and make it interesting to learn it.

So I have to spend some time installing Windows to my MacBook as any other Mac owner who want to work with vvvv. It runs only in Windows.

P.S. vvvv – is a development enviroment for interactive graphics creation. It support visual development as well as C# coding.

  • http://kirillrybin.com Kirill

    а quartz composer не дает подобных возможностей ?

  • http://twitter.com/PixelsCommander Denis Radin

    Возможно, но как то не наталкивался на вдохновляющие проекты в композере. Из последнего в фокусе заинтересовала идея аналога vvvv в JS (WebGL, Three.js) – https://github.com/idflood/ThreeNodes.js