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Summer HTML5 sketches

I`ve made few funny HTML demos during work on Code Orchestra project in Montenegro.

Nothing serious, just some funny summer stuff:

Rainy paris (just a bit of JS + CSS)

Blinds, view from our window in Montenegro (pull the cord)

Breasts sizes in Europe (d3.js, real world data)

Dicks sizes in Europe (d3.js, real world data)

Also I worked on FlashJS 2 a lot and was lucky to have trip over ex-Yugoslavia countries with such route:

Balkans are awesome!

  • http://twitter.com/raurir Rauri Rochford

    I think your link to docks is supposed to be dicks.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for correction, fixed.
    Seems that data for this stat is gathered by Hungarians =)

  • Максим Зубков

    That baltic sea looks like an alligator trying to reach something high above the ground.

  • Nhgh