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WebGPU – the successor of WebGL, a brand new API to utilize GPUs in the browser. It is promised to be available in regular Chrome in Q1 2022. In comparison to WebGL, WebGPU promises better performance and better compatibility with modern hardware, but the most recognizable feature of WebGPU is a special API for performing computations on GPU.

Matrices multiplication WebGPU vs WebGL

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You’ve probably noticed over the last year that I haven’t been that active writing on the blog. Sorry, I was busy with this study. Let’s make an agreement straight away – this is not your ordinary tech article (although you will find some interesting implementation details here). This is a study to prove that new technologies don’t tear the fabric of time, to prove that things that seem incompatible, located in unimaginably distant cultural coordinates, can still be touched and the touch is beautiful. For me personally, this study is especially significant. The story began ten years ago when a Buddhist friend proposed making a mobile prayer application. This venture raised a huge number of questions to be resolved before the primary one could be addressed: “Can a computer pray for the benefit of all living beings?”

Want a spoiler? The result is here. After launching the computer starts praying for you in accordance with Tibetan Buddhism customs. How comes? Read the article.

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