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Better composition and code reusing are top important topics of modern front-end development. Great solution for this is web-components technology but it requires few polyfills in order to work properly in modern browsers. This impacts performance and reliability. ReactiveElements allows to use React.js for web-components definition, avoid including most of polyfills and build project with web-components right now.

UPD: You may use MVC Elements in order to create Web Components of Angular and Backbone views.

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Some use cases don`t allow to use Flash into it`s ordinary fields. Such cases are online games with iOS ambitions or some other projects that need HTML5. Also there are a lot of Flash developers with game dev skills and ActionScript knowledge.

At the crossroad of HTML / CSS progress and understanding of beautiful Flash objective model FlashJS was born. It`s library that allows to develop HTML5 applications in the way that is similar to usual AS3 development.

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I`ve spent a lot of evenings to prepare new playable installation. This time it is developed with WebGL (three.js by Mr.Doob)

Also i`ve developed gamepad Android application to control this installation.

As Android application starts it launches WebSocket server.

JavaScript application connects to it and listens for simple commands: up, down, left, right.

You can find video of result further.

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First part of eyes-based interactive installation is done. First and easiest one (thanks to Alternativa 3D). Now it`s time for long work with details of visual appearence and motion detection.

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Christmas garlands, Christmas trees and festive decorations are out of fashion – you can decorate your flat directly throught the computer screen. As for me, projector and professional skills are enough for this task.

Flash Dance is available for PC or Mac.

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