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FlashJS – JavaScript for flashers and opensource HTML5 game engine.

Some use cases don`t allow to use Flash into it`s ordinary fields. Such cases are online games with iOS ambitions or some other projects that need HTML5. Also there are a lot of Flash developers with game dev skills and ActionScript knowledge.

At the crossroad of HTML / CSS progress and understanding of beautiful Flash objective model FlashJS was born. It`s library that allows to develop HTML5 applications in the way that is similar to usual AS3 development.

With FlashJS you can use:

  • addChild,
  • onEnterFrame,
  • KeyboardEvent,
  • DisplayObject,
  • Loader,
  • alpha,
  • rotation,
  • x, y coordinates for objects

and much more inside of <actionscript> HTML tag.

Demo of project`s use-case works fine on mobile as well as on desktop so version with mobile – compatible controls was developed. You can change direction by tapping to left or right part of the browser.

Project is developing under MIT license and is almost free to use change or distribute. You can join development or download latest version here.