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Detecting internet connection status with JavaScript is generic problem during mobile web applications or dynamic sites development and everybody solves it in his own way. Online JS is a compilation of best practices for detecting connection status, it`s reliable, fast, very lightweight and compatible with all popular frameworks library that is very easy to use.

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There is one extremely surprising thing – JS projects growth!

Wow! That`s cool. But…

Combining,  minimization and deploying  of this dozens of files would become larger and larger problem.

Gradle is popular and modern build system that can solve such problems for you with help of JavaScript Gradle plugins.

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It`s try to add dynamic masks to FlashJS.
Very tricky and works only in Chrome/Safari.

Anyway it`s first dynamic raster mask in HTML I`ve ever heard.

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Some use cases don`t allow to use Flash into it`s ordinary fields. Such cases are online games with iOS ambitions or some other projects that need HTML5. Also there are a lot of Flash developers with game dev skills and ActionScript knowledge.

At the crossroad of HTML / CSS progress and understanding of beautiful Flash objective model FlashJS was born. It`s library that allows to develop HTML5 applications in the way that is similar to usual AS3 development.

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I`ve spent a lot of evenings to prepare new playable installation. This time it is developed with WebGL (three.js by Mr.Doob)

Also i`ve developed gamepad Android application to control this installation.

As Android application starts it launches WebSocket server.

JavaScript application connects to it and listens for simple commands: up, down, left, right.

You can find video of result further.

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First part of eyes-based interactive installation is done. First and easiest one (thanks to Alternativa 3D). Now it`s time for long work with details of visual appearence and motion detection.

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Some time ago I worked for conservative client who wants Android and iPhone versions of application look identical. Ofcourse one of main problems became development of iPhone-like TabBar widget in Android.

TabBarNavigator does not fit because of difference in position and visual appearence. So i`ve started to search the way to solve the problem.

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vvvv.org presented interesting and frustratng interactive installation by german media artist Jannis Kilian Kreft.

Installation called POST MORTEM looks like stone table with LCD projector pointed to its top. Every part of body that would be placed at the table would be presented as it is body part after your death. Time of death and corresponding look can be tuned.

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PNG (Portable Network Graphics ) is most popular format for static graphics. Large part of interactive online projects send to user tens of megabytes in this format. And it`s hard to understand global amount of PNG traffic. Also it`s hard to understand how much of it would be not needed if right optimization of PNG images would be done. Your static content servers are overloaded? Users report about slow loading? This post would help…

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Christmas garlands, Christmas trees and festive decorations are out of fashion – you can decorate your flat directly throught the computer screen. As for me, projector and professional skills are enough for this task.

Flash Dance is available for PC or Mac.

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